Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 9th birthday Rylee!

Happy birthday little Puppy Bit! Rylee is 9 years old! WTHeck? Seriously this girl grows up so fast. She has been such a good easy kid, I feel like I am missing out. She is darling, to skinny for her skinny jeans, spunky, so much energy. She plays piano, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and soon to start dance up again...wheew! She loves playing outside, loves to play with friends, but most of all loves to play with sisters!  Thanks for being so great Rylee!  We did a family birthday this year. We all went to Lagoon (minus Wes thank goodness) For her birthday dinner she chose steak and mashed potatoes yummy! Love you Pup Pup. Mommy.

Hmmm...a funny story this year about Rylee. She was at walmart with Grandma and they saw some floral jumpers that Grandma had bought my girls. Grandma asked Rylee if she had worn hers and Rylee replied that "well, they kindof look like polygamist dresses." And Grandma says, "but they are Hannah Montana dresses!"  To which Rylee replied "Hannah Montana is a polygamist????!!!" In shock!  Funny.


Megan said...

Funny Pup!! She grew SO MUCH in the last year!! I was in shock at how tall she'd become, but I don't think she gained a pound :)

Love you Pupster! Happy Birthday!

Heidi said...

Happy birthday Rylee.

grammajill said...

Rylee girl! You are such a sweetie! Grandma and Grandpa always remember how funny you are, but mostly how nice and obedient you are when I babysit. Always willing to help and take care of Beekers or Weed.
You are a very special little girl! We love you!