Monday, August 6, 2012

California trip...


We went to California a few weeks ago 

It was a FUN FUN trip!

(but no Dallan)  

We stayed with Auntie Tray and Juan, and Megan and the little boys came to play with us too

 Muffin, Sophie, Addie and Rylee buried in the sand...

We were at baby beach in Newport, they thought it was awesome until we went to Aliso creek beach. (no photos of that beach, if we broke to take a pic, the children would have been swept out to sea!) 

Disneyland. This may be the only pic. It was me and Meg, and 7 children. 

We were blessed enough to get to go up to the fast pass line or right up on the front on most rides. (long story) It was the best happiest day EVER! Moose was about 42", Oliver was about 38.5". 40" was a big cut off for some of the fun rides. So Wes got to go on Space Mountain, Big thunder railway, cars, I think another one, and Ollie couldn't :(  

After we came out of the dark on Space Mountain, I had no idea how Wes would be, it was too dark to watch him. He had a big happy face and said "FUN!" I said, "again?", he said with his happy face "no!"  It was cute!

It was a long, long day. We didn't buy ANYTHING! (except $16 in lollypops). We packed all our food and drinks. The kids were all rather well behaved. So much fun!

 Sophie and Muffin in their matching dresses. Sophie is my "sunshine girl"  (and egg girl, and butter girl, and hmmmm, can't remember right now)

On our way home, we did a night in Vegas. This was our pool.

This was our bedroom...

Sleep assignments:  Kenna, Rylee, Mom, in the bed. (Wes joined us around 3 am) Pushed those 2 green chairs together and made a little crib/bed for Sophie and Addie.  The bathroom had a giant soaker tub and a TV to watch. EVERYONE took a bath because of the TV.

Definitely the way to go, break up that long drive, $74!

I hope to load my instagram photos too.  All in all a really great week!


Heidi said...

That would have been so much fun for the kids. We are looking forward to meeting them all again in September - it has been five years since we had a visit to you all.

Kasey Lighten said...

How fun! I just wish we would have been there at the same time. :) The Lightens kind of invaded Cali this summer. :)